Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Scope Review (4.5-14x)

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Under $250

Ideal for hunting.

Summary Review:
The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Scope is one of the most fully featured rifle scopes we have found with a price tag under $300. The optics are of exceptional quality more commonly found in high end scopes.


The Bushnell Legend is an extremely versatile rifle scope offering a full range of precision adjustment controls, 4.5X to 14X magnification zoom, and vastly superior optics comparable to many of the highest quality scopes on the market.

This scope is designed to be used in a variety of environments for a variety of purposes, and is possibly best suited for hunting, from big game to varmint. Our review has found one shortcoming that will make it less suitable for target shooting.

Its mil-dot reticle, multiple focus adjustments (both eyepiece and side-parallax), ED Prime Extra-Low Dispersion, multi-coated glass, Rain Guard technology, and rugged, sturdy build make this scope a pleasure to use in even the most extreme conditions.

Recommended Uses

The mil-dot reticle of the Bushnell Ultra HD rifle scope was designed with tactical, military purposes in mind, but this scope can easily be the perfect companion for any type of hunter. Whether you choose to hunt big game in wide open spaces or densely wooded areas with low light, or small game and varmint in your backyard, this scope will become a prized part of your personal armory.

If you are a professional competition marksman, this scope might not quite be up to the task of providing you with the absolute, most exact precision possible, but outside of that, there are not many purposes for which this rifle scope is not well-suited.

Product Details



The Legend Ultra HD optics are on a par with Bushnell's Elite scope model, and the field of view is crisp and clean, offering a respectable 23-feet while zoomed out at 4.5X. And for long range shooting, the 14X magnification gives the shooter a 6-foot viewing area. Zoomed out and zoomed in, this Bushnell scope continued to transmit light beautifully.



The included mil-dot reticle in the Legend scope is perhaps the most accurate type of reticle for hunting. The spaces between each dot, measured in milliradians, corresponds to an exact distance, which varies according to magnification, distance, etc. An experienced shooter can easily learn how to use these mils to improve their accuracy by setting turret adjustments accordingly.



Both windage and elevation turrets present with 1/4-inch clicks at 100 yards. The clicks are easy enough to feel, even with gloved hands, and clearly audible, giving an all-around high-end, precision feel to the turret construction. There is no quick-zero feature, but zeroing is easy enough without this unnecessary option.

The only issue is that the turret adjustments are set to MOA (Minute of Angle) measurements whereas the reticle is mil-dot. This can result in (very) small differences in your adjustments versus the range suggested by the mils. It should be stressed, however, that this is an extremely minor detail for most practical purposes.



Probably the best feature of the Bushnell Legend rifle scope is its advanced, high-end caliber lenses. The multi-coating on each lens leaves them unchanged in high humidity, freezing, and raining environments. Bushnell's Rain-Guard technology beads water on the lens, even after total submersion under water. And the light transmission remains constant and impressive, even during heat, cold, humidity, and in low-light conditions (dawn and dusk).



A side parallax adjustment, third turret helps to improve accuracy by fine-tuning focus at increments from 20 yards to infinity. Used in conjunction with the fast focus eyepiece, the parallax settings on this scope help to produce an even cleaner and more precise image on optics that are already pretty clear and crisp. Setting the parallax as far down as it can go makes it possible for this scope to focus clearly at ranges as close as 10 yards.



The Bushnell scope mounts nicely on a variety of rifles with the use of two-piece, Weaver Picatinny 1-inch rings. Coupled with the rugged construction of the scope itself, continual firing of high-powered ammunition and harsh treatment (banging, dropping, etc) of the rifle and scope should not affect the scope's continued accuracy.



The long tube of the Bushnell Legend scope provides a significant amount of play in sliding the scope back and forth while mounted to adjust for eye relief. Many scopes can require the addition of optional extension tubes in order to meet the required eye relief of the shooter. The Bushnell's 92mm eye relief works perfectly as is, with no needed additions.

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Pros And Cons

To summarise the features of this amazing Bushnell scope you can refer to this list of pros and cons.


  • Optics- Comparable to high end-scopes
  • Mil-Dot Reticle- Great for honing and improving accuracy
  • Magnification- Wide range of magnification options, all with near-perfect light transmission
  • Parallax Adjustment- Added turret of parallax focus adjustment improves accuracy
  • Rugged Construction- Nitrogen filled, built to endure harsh abuse over time


  • MOA/MIL Turret/Reticle- The only real negative on this scope is the small issue of the turrets being calibrated to MOA instead of the mil-dot reticle included in this scope