Hunting Vacation Tips

For some people a beach vacation in Florida is something they look forward to all year. Other people would simply not enjoy it and if you are into hunting then you should really consider a hunting vacation trip. Most people tend to go hunting at weekends close to their homes. And while this can provide great opportunity dependent on where you live, it does impose some limitations.

Throughout the country there are huge opportunities for real adventure hunting trips, and in this article we want to highlight some things you should take into consideration when you try to plan such a trip.

What Do You Want To Hunt?

This will very much depend on whether you are into trophy hunting vs meat hunting. Many of the animals that are sought after for trophy hunting require very strict licenses that are extremely limited in many states. On the other hand dear and caribou hunting licenses would be much more widely and easily available.

Once you decide exactly what you want to hunt you will then need to research where there are opportunities. For example grizzly bear hunting will be limited to the Alaska and parts of Canada due to the animals’ natural range. Dear hunting on the other hand will be available throughout the US.

Your equipment including the type of rifle and climber, as well as ammunition and hunting optimized optics will all have to be taken into account as well.

Day Trip Or Multi-Day Trip?

Some people travel to hunting locations and stay in the comfort of a hotel at nigh time and there really is nothing wrong with that. However,, if you are really looking for an adventure you should consider a multi-day hiking and hunting trip. There are countless tour operators that will organize group trips and take you to the best hunting grounds and incredible scenery.

But you do not need to go to such an expense as hiking trips can be easily organized yourself. With simple camping gear and very little experience you biggest concern will be navigation and even that can be made easier with modern GPS technology. Once you have been on such a vacation trip you will be planning your next trip before the first one is over.

What Are Your Weather Preferences?

This is something you really need to take into account. Certain animals will only be available in natural habitat in northern Canada and Alaska where even in the summer temperatures will be quite low. You will also be strictly limited by licensing and hunting seasons and this can mean that you would need to consider hunting in very cold and snowy conditions.

This is not going to be a preferred option for many people especially when combining hunting, hiking and camping. But there are so many different options available throughout the country and the different seasons that will make sure you find something suitable.

Prepare For Hunting Licenses

This is one thing that many people underestimate. Hunting licenses will differ from state to state and even from county to county within states. Some licenses are incredibly difficult to get and the availability can be dependent on the animal and hunting ground as well. In many cases it is almost like a lottery where you will apply for a license and may not get lucky for ten or 15 years.

So do not expect to get a bear hunting license in peak season just a couple of weeks before you want to go. Other animals will have much longer hunting seasons and licenses will be much more readily available. You should always make sure that your license is up to date and valid. Failing to do so will result in fines and even criminal prosecutions.