Nikon PROSTAFF 5 Review (3.5-14×40)

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Under $300

Ideal for hunting and target shooting.

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The most outstanding feature of this Nikon Prostaff 5 is the incredible craftsman ship and crystal clear optics that you would expect from Nikon. With fully multicoated lenses you can rest assured that you will not struggle under low light conditions or in dense vegetation.

The very comfortable eye relief is particularly notable as it is very constant through the entire focal range.
With a considerably lower price tag than some competing models it should also be noted that turret settings are very reliable and not prone to slip even under heavy use.

The 50 yard to infinity parallax settings will be very appealing to the majority of hunters. With a dedicated parallax adjustment turret you can quickly make adjustments on the fly. 
So let’s take a closer look at the  details of this Nikon Prostaff 5 review.

Recommended Uses

A hunting professional, long time hunter, or a beginner that is getting serious will be all over the Nikon Prostaff 5 BDC Riflescope. The range of features on the scope optimizes the time spent out in position and time spent preparing beforehand. With few scopes offering as many features as this one, there is no question why the Nikon PROSTAFF 5 BDC has become so popular.

This scope is recommended for hardcore hunters with a lot of experience. The scope is fitted to ensure that even a little light is used to the hunter's advantage and to ensure that any thick brush or timber that is encountered can be dealt with.

Serious hunters and those that have long loved to go hunting often have this scope recommended to them, and there is a good reason. Spending more on a scope than a gun can make a decision hurt the pocket during the hunting season, but since this is less than most guns it is used with, there really is not significant objection to be made.

Product Details



The field of view offered by this scope is very wide even when fully zoomed in. There are ballistic circles for long-range shooting that is superior to other rifle scopes via see-through ballistic circles. It will keep a hunter on target whether there is brush, timber, or any other obstacle in the way. For hunters this is a must have feature.



The see-through feature of the ballistic circles of the reticle gives the shooter more power to hit the target every time. Via the reticle, the scope offers compensation for the bullet drop, minus the guesswork, which can help when you do not have much time to take a shot. The eyepiece has a quick focus, which brings the reticle into focus quickly for a near instant reset. With a 4X zoom, the reticle is useful to make any quick adjustment needed in a shooting position.



Adjustments on the turret are incredibly easy: spring-loaded instant zero-reset turrets are included with the scope. This makes zeroing in on a target or leveling the scope easy and quick, which is helpful when already in a shooting position or in a rush to get out to the hunt. There is no need to carry an extra coin or a tool with the turrets since they can be turned by hand to adjust them. The adjustments really make this a powerful scope and great value for money.



The full multicoated optics offer maximum brightness and light transmission; this then allows the shooter to take advantage of even low light conditions at dawn or dusk. If dusk is sneaking up, this scope offers the ability to use the last bit of light before the hunting day is over. Dependent on what you tend to hunt this can really make or break your day.



The parallax is particularly easy to remedy with this scope as well with a designated turret for easy access. The settings allow for adjustment from 50 yards to infinity and for a hunting scope this is more than adequate. However, for target shooting at closer ranges this can be a little bit of a negative factor.



This scope is easily mounted to a wide variety of guns, though it is best used with a Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match. The scope has been mounted to a large magnum rifle, a Sig Saur 716, and a Rem 700. Each gun has been compatible with the scope and the recoils have not shaken the scope yet. It can be mounted with high or low rings, which makes it work well with any budget.



Due to the length of the lens tube this scope provides great eye relief even for people wearing glasses. The relief is consistent due to the high-eyepoint design which means that even with large caliber lightweight rifles resulting in heavy recoils your brow is safe.

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Pros And Cons

In summary of our Nikon Prostaff 5 review we have put together this list of pros and cons.


  • The optics on the scope are incredibly clear, giving the scope a wide range. This allows the scope to be paired up with the Nikon SpotOn app that allows a much better shot than the scope alone.
  • This scope is about a third of the price – sometimes even less than a third of the price – of other scopes of the same class. For the price, it stands up to the high price competition and holds its ground well.
  • The model holds up to heavy firing. This scope will not collapse on itself during or after repetitive fire, such as in a firing range.


  • The automatic centering on the cross-hairs is off on some models, according to some reviewers. When one hair is centered, the other is not. Though it doesn’t look like much, it is enough to throw the leveling of the scope off. 
  • The parallax knob is made of plastic. While not everyone will be bothered by this, it does feel cheap compared to the craftsmanship of the scope itself. Simply be aware of this to avoid disappointment.
  • The lens covers are not flip caps. They are bikini covers, which are not as helpful in keeping the lens covered efficiently.
  • The POI can be tricky to tack down. One MOA, or four clicks, go about two or three inches instead of one inch for some models.