Scope Sighting Video Guides

In addition to our guide on how to zero a rifle scope we have put together this convenient list of YouTube videos that demonstrate the exact process in details. With the knowledge from our guide you will be able to easily get to work on setting up your new rifle scope for success.


1) The Fastest Way

This video really does promise on its title. However, we should mention that if your are going to be target shooting or hunting from long ranges, this is not the ideal solution. But sometime you might find yourself on a hunt needing to check if you sights are alined correctly. Having this video knowledge can let you test and make quick adjustments on the go.

2) Most Detailed Guide

This is by far the most detailed and comprehensive guide available. If you are really interested in how your optics alignment works then make sure to watch this to the end. It is a must have guide for any target shooters.

3) Long Range Sighting

For long range hunting and target shooting this is a great video. It really shows how important pinpoint accuracy during the sighting process is and makes sure that you are set up hit the centre of your target every single time.

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